Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 3 Social Cognitive Theory

Here's my question for the day.... Why can students learn from modeling at school and yet not so much at home?
  For example... In high school I was on swim team. I would spend hours perfecting my strokes, increasing my times and working on my endurance. I would attend both the morning and the afternoon practices and crave the one on one attention of a specialist to encourage and correct/model the perfect stroke. Then I would go home and listen to my mom harp on me about taking a shower. Everyone in my family bathed, but at 14 I didn't feel the need to shower more than a couple of times a week. I had perfectly good modeled behavior, heck my mom even went as far to buy all of my favorite products and yet it never worked. Actually I'm not even sure when it clicked in my head that smelling good is better than smelling bad.
  So my question again. Why can students learn from modeling at school and yet not so much at home? Maybe it's just me be stubborn or smelly?

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  1. I find that my kids do not like to listen to the advice I give at home either. I think that some of it is the teenage rebellion going on, where they are trying to exert their independence and show that they can still succeed without my interference. I also think that at school there is a competitive side in all of us that want to excel and be better than our peers. This may be the driving force behind students wanting to achieve in some areas and not in others.