Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 2 Premack Principle

I'm finding this part of the chapter quite interesting. When I googled Premack Principle I came up with a number of articles/websites mostly about training your dog. Then I found this one... "STOP Prograstinating! Use the Premack Principle." Ok I said time to do my homework, but first let me read this article.
   After reading the paragraph in the book and this article I can sum up his principle easily by saying, do your homework first before updating your Facebook status.
   This is an excellent method for those students that might be more challenging in your classroom. By giving them choices and puting them in a order of completion students can be successful.

Check out this website:


  1. I really found this very interesting as well. It made sense that students will do what they least like to get the privilege of doing what they most like.

    Nice article, thanks for the link.

  2. Conditional learning I feel is the backbone of teaching which goes along nicely with Positive and Negative Reinforcement. To give an example our EMS Program has certain requirements from dress code policy to mandatory items that the students are required to have with them in the class, lab and clinical settings. As the Clinical Coordinator I strongly believe using both positive and negative reinforcement helps the student learn responsibility and by incorporating into the classroom in a fun way every is happy.
    -Elizabeth A. Chavez

  3. I've started talking with my students about setting a schedule in the evening when they get home. Family chores first (gotta feed the cows), homework second, computer/games third.

  4. It is funny that you have brought up Facebook, and the students logging in before they are doing their homework. We had this discussion with your students, and the amount of time that they spend of Facebook. We were trying to get the students to see how much time they are wasting by not prioritizing. We try to get them to organize their binders, and the order of how they will complete their homework to be successful in school.