Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapter 6 Constructivist Theory

     Rodriguez Elementary and Socially Mediated Learning

   My principal has done a fantastic job of displaying socially mediated learning at my campus. She has brought a number of volunteer and paid mentors. Our literacy and math coaches work with the students on a consistant basis. In addition, college students from the local university aid in helping our students too. We support a reading PALS group that comes wekly in addition to parent volunteers. Although my campus is low socio-econmic you would never know by the all hands on deck approach.
  She also maintains a strict monitoring system that requires both students and teachers to become accountable for their hard work or lack of. This gives the faculty a weekly check-in system.

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  1. I do believe that if students receive enrichment at school in a smaller setting will learn and retain information better. It has been proven that smaller class sizes and tutoring can help a child. With more one on one teaching a child gets more personalized attention, and are given more chances to be successful.